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HaTT is HaWT

Who comes up with neighborhood names? The history of the naming of East Village in New York is well-documented, but what about other neighborhoods? Where did “FiDi” (Financial District) come from? Or “TriBeCa” (Triangle Below Canal Street)?

Or “Harlem Tennis Triangle,” which is now a neighborhood in Harlem. AKA ‘HaTT.”

I have to imagine that it’s going to be really hard for people to start taking this name seriously, much less actually adapt it. According to the map, the three tennis courts the bind the HaTT neighborhood are located at the Harlem Tennis Center, Frederick Johnson Park, and Mill Pond Park. In the Bronx. Meaning that the neighborhood stretches across the river.

Which brings me to another question: how many people actually live in this neighborhood? Being that the boundaries of it pretty much only bind the river, it would seem that your only neighbors would be fish here. So does the name of the neighborhood actually refer to the general area surrounding the triangle? Triangle wouldn’t exactly be the greatest descriptor, then.

All things considered? Screw this. I’ll take “WhoDi” any day.