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There are no words.

The recent earthquake in Haiti, by all accounts, is absolutely devastating. If you’ve not donated money to the relief effort yet but plan to, keep in mind to make yours an unrestricted donation so that the organization can earmark can earmark your money for other charitable purposes (don’t worry about corruption if you’re doing this for Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders).

Garry Pierre-Pierre (an awesome name) from the daily Haitian Times wrote an article recently profiling the current situation in Rue Berne, a neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, and what it is like to spend a night on the streets. The story is uplifting as it is depressing. While it is inspiring to see how people are banding together to survive, there’s no escaping the fact that the death toll has surpassed 50,000, that few hospitals are functioning, and that the entire city has become “a giant homeless shelter.”

One line stands out however: “In many ways, those in Rue Berne are better off than many.”