Yes, I participated in the New York City one with my significant other, though we jumped in late. We auditioned for the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers (she made it, I didn’t, and much for the better). We both decided to audition knowing we wouldn’t make the Improv Everywhere event, but ended up lucking out. When we arrived at the 42nd Street/Times Square station to catch the 7 train home, we came across the parade of pantsless individuals braving the subways to the confused gaze and utter enjoyment of everyone else around us. In one of the transfer corridors, my girlfriend and I partially disrobed and joined in on the fun:

I’m not prominently in the video, but if you really wanted to put your face right in front of the screen, you can probably pick me out in the large crowd standing in Union Square. Good luck with that. I, for one, value my eyesight … more than being warm and properly dressed, apparently.

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no pants subway ride in NYC

Riding without pants is also an expression of independence. From pants.

An article at the VTA Watch blog argues the case of public transit as a tool of independence, just as much as individual automobiles are. As it stands, public transit is the unattractive object. Poor people use it. The rich have cars. (And soon, hybrids!) Effectively, it’s more attractive to support issues related to automotive transit rather than funding public transportation projects. Unless, that is, you’re talking about light rail systems. Which apparently don’t actually work as well as advertised.

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