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A waterway-cum-street-cum-painted-waterway

It’s an old-ish story from 2007 and 2008, but it’s still relevant today as there are apparently rumors that Portland wants to do something similar on a much larger scale.

In April 2007, Dutch artist Henk Hofstra painted an entire street blue to symbolize the path of a waterway that used to be there. The installation in its entirety stretched 1,000 meters (or, yes, 1 kilometer, gasp!) long and 8 meters wide. Hofstra’s work also had a bit of a snarkiness to it: in one section, a car is painted blue and is half-submerged into the road, as if the phantom urban waterway swallowed it up:

Underwater parking rules are in effect.

(More pretty, pretty photos via Henk Hofstra)

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